Nothing is more important to the organization than the health and safety of its employees. We work to improve our safety performance every year, and we insist on the same world-class standards and practices.

People have always been our most valuable asset. Beyond safety, the company also supports employee health and wellness programs on regular basis.

We at Acme believe that protection of the environment is a chief & imperative objective. We consider it our responsibility to create, maintain & ensure a safe & clean environment for sustainable product development.
We are committed towards:

  • Relevant environmental laws & regulations with additional measures considered necessary.
  • Preventing pollution; reducing wastes, discharges and emissions.
  • Sourcing our raw materials from suppliers endorsing operations that are safe and environmentally accountable.
  • Promoting awareness among all employees for shared responsibility towards environmental protection.
  • Employing strategies to incorporate more usage of renewable sources of energy over the use of non-renewable resources.
  • Environmental sustainability as it t benefits society; it strengthens our communities; it preserves and protects the global environment; it helps our customers achieve their goals; and, because it fosters pride in being part of a prosperous, growing company.