Top Contract manufacturing Companies in Baddi
Acme Lifetech LLP is a newly constructed research-oriented formulation site situated at Export Promotion Industrial Park, Baddi, Dist-Solan HP. The industrial area is a non-polluting zone and is located at a distance of 50 Km from Chandigarh Airport.
The facility is a state of art infrastructure to meet with the evolving international regulatory trends and requirements. It provides an integrated solution for the contract manufacturing operations both for domestic and global markets. The site is licenced to manufacture Oral Solid Dosage forms in tablets and powders in general category.
Total built up area of 4000 square meter comprising the main production block, quality control laboratory, warehouse, packing area, technical and utility area.

Salient Features
  • Well-designed site to maintain the uniflow of Man and Material.
  • Well Segregated Raw Material, Primary Packaging and Finished goods warehouse with climate control. Dedicated Secondary Packing material store with ample space.
  • Separate area for Quarantine, Under Test and Approved RM stores. Dedicated dispensing booths for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Excipients
  • All core process areas and adjacent air locks are classified under Class D 100000. All the cabins and suites have individual Air Handling Units fitted with terminal HEPA filter. The conditions of temperature and humidity are ably controlled by a sophisticated automated HVAC system
  • The Quality Control Laboratory is equipped with the most modern and sophisticated 21 CFR compliant instruments like – HPLC, FTIR, UV Spectro photometer, Karl Fischer Auto Titrator and micro balances, well equipped microbiology laboratory and walk- in chamber for carrying out of stability of the finished products in different conditions.
  • Highly sophisticated Two pass RO water system with online conductivity, PH sensors and EDI.
  • Dedicated Food and Veterinary blocks.
Production and Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Three Granulation areas having Rapid Mixer Granulator (HSMG) with inbuilt co-mill, Fluidised Bed Dryer, Octagonal Blender of various capacities, Multi-mill and Sifter and paste preparation vessel to manufacture products of varied processes and sizes.
  • Dust Control System is put in place for the containment of dust overflow in the area.
  • Separate blending area for catering to big size batch sizes.
  • Cumulative capacity to produce 600 metric tons of material per anum in a single shift working.

Contract Manufacturing Companies

Tablet Compression
  • 6 High end tablet compression machines with inline metal detector and dust collector to produce 1.2 billion tablets per anum in a single shift working
  • Dust control system is placed in each cubicle for the containment and control of excess dust generated in the area.
  • Bilayer Tablet machines available to cater to the two layered tablet market demands of timed-release tablets.

Top Contract manufacturing Companies

  • 3 Auto-coaters with PLC based automation and control system.
  • 1 conventional coater with detachable pans of 24” and 36”.
  • Auto-coaters of pan capacity of 48”,48” and 60” to load lots ranging from 70 kg to 125 kg in 48” pan and up to 250 -300 kg in 60” pan size.
  • Capabilities to handle Aqueous and Solvent based Film and enteric coating and Sugar coating.

Top Contract manufacturing Companies in India

  • 7 packing lines available to compliment the production capacity
  • 4 High Speed hot form blister machines, 2 Strip packing machine and 1 cold seal machine to pack 1.2 billion tablets per anum.
  • Highly sophisticated augur filler Pouch Machine to pack 6 million pouches per anum

Top Contract manufacturing Companies in Baddi

Technical Area & Utility
  • HVAC System with Air Handling Units fitted with terminal Hepa Filters.
  • Hot water generator.
  • Boiler with biomass as the fuel.
  • Air cooled chillers of 264 TR capacity cumulative.
  • 600 KVA DG set as power backup.
  • Effluent Treatment Plant.
  • Sophisticated water system with Double RO pass and EDI.